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Eraser eater

annie ann

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Someone in my room has been biting off the erasers from the pencils (we have cans in the room for pencil exchanges-sharpen , broken). It's driving me crazy. I have spoken to the class several times about the health risks and explained we are running out of pencils. I even went out and bought erasers to put on the pencils that have no erasers ,well now they are biting those too. UGH!!!!


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I have kids that will chew on headphone wires. Drives me nuts. Of course, I assign everyone a computer, so I can always narrow it down to four if there's a problem. :)


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They might not realize they are doing it. Chewing on things is usually a nervous habit. You'll probably have to keep an eye on your class to see who's doing it, then point it out to them when it happens.


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assign pencils

Put the child's name (or number) on two pencils. When one is dull, they can hand it in and use the other. By the next day you'll have the first one sharp again. Then at least the chewers are only chewing their own pencil, and you can find out who is doing it.


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mechanical pencils!!! grrrrrrrrrrr!...

I subbed in a second grade on friday and the kids are CRAZY over mechanical pencils. They were trading pencils, giving eachother lead, complaining that their pencils didn't work so they had to fix them instead of doing work! Finally it got so bad, I made every one put their mechanical pencils in their desks and get out regular ones!!

What is it with kids and pencils????


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You might want to consider letting the kids chew gum, if it isn't against school policy. We've found that that helps alleviate the pencil chewing and is obviously safer. We tell the kids that gum chewing is a privilege and that the first time gum is found on a desk, or someone is seen blowing a bubble in class, the privilege will be revoked.


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I have an eraser eater too. But he chews them up and spits them on peers.