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Eric Carle Tshirts


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On March 20, the whole second grade is going to see The Very Hungry Caterpiller and Other Very Eric Carle stories at the theatre.

We're doing several activities leading up to that, but I've been toying with the idea of making tshirts for my kids to wear.

I was thinking about putting one food from The Very Hungry Caterpillar on each shirt--except there are more than 22 foods. So, I would probably combine a few from the beginning.

I am thinking about making iron ons transfers of the food, and maybe the date or something.

Any creative thoughts from all of you creative people???



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Caterpiller Antennas

How about making cute caterpiller antennas with colored pipe cleaners and pompoms?? They would sure look cute with their Tees and antennas.



Bet you could get printouts from his website pictures for authentic pictures, then put them on the iron-ons.


Eric Carle t-shirts

Fantastic idea. Another way that it could be done is to let the students draw the pictures on the t-shirts with fabric markers.


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Eric Carle

Years ago I had my students write a letter and draw pictures for Eric Carle. He wrote us back and in fact sent us scraps of colorful paper from his"workbench". I just went to the file and found his envelope and return address. I have no idea if this address is still in use. And, he may not write back, but try it. The cancellation date is 11 Oct 1984. Kind of ages me, huh? :-)

Hawley, MA

Let me know what happens.
Thanks, MH



My class went to see this program last month (if it's the one with the actors from Canada), it was really great! The theatre was dark and they used blacklights and neon paint. It'd be really neat if the t shirts were white or used some type of paint that would glow in the blacklights!


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Thanks for the comments!

I'll definately have my kids write to him and see if we get a response!

Amber, that's the one! The second grade went two years ago, but I was student teaching in first grade then. They loved it, and we actually had to be put on a waiting list this time!

I'm asking for white or other pastel colored shirts.

The neon paint would be really neat, but I don't think I have the time, patience, artistic ability to paint the foods!

Any ideas other than using the iron on of the foods?

Any good sayings to put on them? Just the date is boring...

I was thinkinig something about "The caterpillar was VERY hungry..."