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ESL, blue and carnival!



For an evaluation lesson with beginners ESL pre K and K students, I need to prepare a language arts lesson. These kids are real beginners... Carnival is coming soon and the home room teacher chose the color blue as her theme. She doesn't know yet what she'll do!
So, I thought I would use either a Miro or a Kandisky print to start with but I'm stuck with what to do for Language Arts with this..
Lots of speaking, a song maybe and a small 'written' project...
Help! I'm feeling desperate!


Junior Member
Some thoughts

I'm a music teacher, not ESL, but I do work extensively with prek and K and am constantly working for language arts connections. So here are a few thoughts that come to mind:

There's a great Picasso painting called "The Old Guitarist," which is from his "blue period" and, therefore, all blue. Prints are easily available. Is there a letter focus for the week? Practice writing the week's letter or some simple words beginning with that letter using a blue crayon or marker. Match pictures to words with a blue crayon line. Blue Carnival beads? My prek's and K's love reciting rhymes. How about "Little Boy Blue, Come Blow Your Horn." For a song, there are several versions of "Blue Bird, Blue Bird, Through my Window," which is very appropriate for this age. It should be available out there on the web if you don't have a music teacher to supply it.