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Everyday Math and Math Facts



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I am in an EDM district. My team and I are concerned because there is NO focus on math facts. We end up with 2nd graders still relying on their fingers or number grids to add! I have only taught EDM, but this year I really want to take the time to focus on math facts. The problem is that I don't know where to start or really how to even set it up. Do I start with +1 and do weekly timed tests? Thanks in advance for any help!


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math facts

On-line we use xtramath.org and math magician. There is no grading of papers, just lots of practice.

We also use the triangle facts from the back of the EDM journal. They practice alone and with a peer.

The first semester I teach strategies for drill doubles facts, doubles plus one, plus ones, plus twos, and complements of 10.

Second semester we drill all addition. Those who can also work on subtraction, but it is more difficult.


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number talks

The thing that has helped my kids' fact fluency the most is not timed tests, games, or websites (and I have tried them ALL) but math talks and number strings. We do them for the first 5-10 min of every math class...usually instead of the EDM "mental math." There is a book out there called Math Talks. It's expensive, but I love it. You can also google them and find a lot of information for free.

These exercises just really get the kids good at breaking numbers apart, finding doubles, compensating, making 10, etc. When kids are still using their fingers, it's because they think it's the fastest, it's convenient, and they're SO used to it. To break this habit, you have to replace it with other habits, like using different strategies. This takes time, teaching, talking and lots of practice! It's definitely not as easy as a website and timed tests, but it's honestly the only thing I've done that has had a noticeable difference on fact fluency.


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Math facts

EM has the fact family triangles and the math games. Both are good for learning the basic facts. The CBM tests are used to monitor progress.


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Number Talks

I'm so happy to read that others are loving number talks too. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. It's so neat to listen to kids share their strategies and get more and more efficient.