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Everyday Math - Help! Left manual at school!



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Can anyone tell me what 6.1-6.4 are? I left my math book at school and want to start planning for January. I have been teaching the curriculum long enough that I should be able to get basic idea of what the lesson is if someone just tells me the name. TIA!!


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New Edition

We just started teaching EDM this year so hope these lessons match yours. I have online access. Lesson 6-1 Addition of Three or More Numbers 6-2 Comparison Number Stories, 6-3 Data Day The Five Food Groups and 6-4 Mixed Addition and Subtraction Stories. Hope this helps.


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2007 Edition

I have the 2007 edition and the lessons I have are: 6.1 Addition of 3 or more numbers, 6.2 Comparison Number stories, 6.3 Data Day: the 4 food groups & 6.4 Mixed addition and subtraction stories. Hope that helps!


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Everyday math

You can go onto their site and find info for teachers. It has a list of all of the lessons

6-1 Addition of Three or More Numbers
6-2 Comparison Number Stories
6-3 Data Day: The Five Food Groups
6-4 Mixed Addition and Subtraction Stories
6-5 Subtraction Strategies