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Evidence of student learning


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Hello all...this is my first post! Glad to be here!

As a part of the end of the year evaluation process for teachers at my school, we have to show evidence of student learning. I pre- and post-tested my students to show growth that way, but we also need a data notebook that has student work in it that "shows growth".

Have any of you had to do this? How did you arrange the notebook and what kinds of things did you put inside it?


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welcome, jules!

we don't do this....

but i imagine you could put a tape recording of them reading aloud in fall and then in spring. (or count their WPM--words per minute read--jot it down for fall and then add spring's count)

a general math assessment covering your grade-level math skills

a paragraph (or essay, depending on level) from fall and winter and spring. (writing is real big for me, so i have about 6 essays--all scored using the same rubric--that show writing growth for the year; i send these home at end of year.)


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data notebooks

At my school we use a "data notebook" to collect tests/assignments throughout the year. Each month the data notebook is sent home, the parents and students write goals for the next month and it is returned. The students can also graph test scores - such as spelling/math assessments to show growth. The students are able to graph the scores themselves.


I use data notebooks in 5th, and have used them in 2nd. I have dividers for each child's name, of course. Behind each child's divider, I keep on-going literacy assessments, such as fluency probes, running records, notes on individual reading conferences, individual writing conferences, etc. I teach in TX, where 5th grade reading is really high stakes--The students must pass the state reading test for promotion to sixth grade. I feel this informal and formal data provides additional documentation should a student not pass the test. I also have another section where I record class data on a single page, so I can see ongoing patterns with whole class learning as well as needs of small groups of students. If a child attends tutoring before school, I document attendance and what we worked on during that session.