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Evil plot


Senior Member
Our district had inservice/PD yesterday. Report card conferences start Thursday. They wanted us to focus on the new math assessments, etc, but how?! We were all miserable :( thinking about all the paperwork we could have completed if we just had been given a little time in the classroom to prepare. This is all part of an evil plot to see if any of us keel over from exhaustion before Thanksgiving.


We did this too...

Monday and Tuesday were "teacher work days" but for elementary teachers they're truly parent conference days and parents expect to see report cards so they have to be done prior to work days -- and two solid days of conferences. I'm 6th grade and we departmentalize so we met for FOUR days with parents. 72 sets of parents. The one day this week we weren't conferencing was an inservice with a consultant who had analyzed our data and wanted to focus on common assessment and working smarter and doing more together with our colleagues but what's hard is that we are overworked and overtaxed in the time we have right now... how can we possibly add something else? We should be excited...and fired up...but we're just beyond worn out. I don't know how much more our teachers can take!