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Exercise bike


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While out of town this past weekend, I actually went to the workout room at the hotel. I rode a bike. It was the kind that has the pedals more in front of you than under you. I loved it! No jarring of the joints.'

Does anyone have any advice on which one to get?


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I would read the reviews.

Go online and type in recumbant/recumbent? exercise bicycle and you should get the information you need. I ordered mine from Dick's Sporting Goods and it had free shipping (a must because they are awkward and heavy). You might be able to get one cheaper on the day after Thanksgiving. I think you could go to blackfriday.com and take a sneak peek at ads.


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We have a Schwinn. It is a little more money but I think it is worth it. It has varying programs on it plus you can check heart rate, calories burned etc. I should probably go exercise!!!


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exercise bike

I bought one at Sears--a treadmill from there, too. I think the brand name is Proform. I've been happy with both! Easy to use, not overly expensive, but not cheap!


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Ours is Proform too

I love our bike! (well, when I use it...:rolleyes:)

We got it at Dunhams on a good sale (about $200) 7 years ago. No problems with it.