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two more weeks for me

and I hope I make it without choking one of my little darlings (or five of them).


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count down

3 days and I have an all day training on Thrusday and we don't have school Friday. Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!


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We don't get a spring break. We do have time off for Easter but, it seems like a lifetime away. We get out early on Holy Wednesday and return back on the Wednesday after Easter. I am tired, trying to get over strept throat, and my kiddos are driving me crazy lately. Hurry up Easter and get here soon!!!!!!!!!

Marie from PA


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what's that? We haven't had a day off since Jan. 16. The kids in school are dropping like flies from the flu. We need a few days off to break the cycle if nothing else. :(

the only thing that's getting me through at the moment is the fact we just set up our summer vacation mid July! I keep going to the web site and checking out the ocean.:rolleyes: Think I'll head there now and check out the ocean web cam!


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break over

Today is my last day of spring break. First part of the week was cold and rainy, so there went my "spring cleaning" in the yard! But, hubby and I went out of town for a few days and got back this morning. I'm already dreading going back tomorrow! Good news is we had no snow days and will get out 4 days sooner in May! Hang in there everyone!
spring break

We don't have spring break until after Easter. This week most school districts in the 5 county area were on break and it was cold and windy. My late spring break is looking pretty good right now. I am definitely ready for a break from my class and even my colleagues.