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Experience in Education and Other Careers


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Hello folks,

It's time for me to update my resume. Can you all provide any assistance on any books/websites that offer great resume' writing tips for teachers?

I am also looking at other jobs for the summer that will allow me to use my teaching and administrative experience. I have a business degree and a background in Mktg. and Contracting/Procurement. I wonder what resources are avaialable for grant-writing, consulting, etc.

If you are aware of anything, let me know. I appreciate it! :)


I refer to this often...

A book called "Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators."

Lots of great advice, examples, differences and usefulness of resumes and CVs.

It's from JISTWORKS publishers by Enelow and Kursmark

I got it from Amazon.
ISBN is 1-56370-799-3 for $16.95.

I got it two years ago and have referred back to it often, even just today to get ready for the "rounds" this spring! I ordered other books as well, but this is the best of the lot that I have.

Good Luck.