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Extended Response


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Does any one have any good ideas on how to help students answer extended response questions in math? I would great appreciate any advice, good websites or books. Thanks!


I have been using a 4 square approach. I have gleaned the steps from different workshops, so it probably is not exactly the way it would be in any one source, but this is my take on it!:) In the 1st box, I labeled "What I need to know", and they copy the exact question from the problem. In the 2nd box, I labeled "What I know" and have instructed them to write the important numbers and operation. In the 3rd box, I labeled "the problem" and they show their work there. The fourth box is "The solution" and they show the answer and label it there.

The students then have an outline to guide them in their written essay.

I guide them through problems that are very easy at first. Right now, we are solving Christmas themed stories.

Hope this helps.


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Is extended reponse the same thing as open response? We use SRE to answer open response questions. S stands for "State your answer", R is "give your reason "and E is "show your Evidence" or

The 5th grade teachers have been using this method at my school and they really think it works with MAth. If you want more info or clarity, let me know and I will have one of them explain it to me better.


4th grade teacher

We use 2-3 different methods to answer ORQ's. The RAW method requires the student to 1. Restate the question so the meaning of the question is understood. 2. Answer all parts of the question, labeling the parts: A, B, C, etc. and 3. Wrap up or summarize the answer. This is where the student explains or gives evidence for the answer.