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Fact or Opinion Task Cards PDF


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I typed an answer key for self checking...but not sure how to post...if it is not posted...give me a minute...ummm not sure how to post with attachments...1-35 are answered.. it is nice and pretty in the attachment if I can figure it out...

1. Opinion
2. Opinion
3. Fact
4. Opinion
5. Fact
6. Fact
7. Fact
8. Opinion
9. Fact
10. Fact
11. Opinion
12. Opinion
13. Opinion
14. Opinion
15. Opinion
16. Fact
17. Opinion
18. Opinion
19. Fact
20. Fact
21. Opinion
22. Fact
23. Opinion
28. Opinion
29. Fact
30. Fact
31. Opinion
32. Fact
33. Opinion
34. Opinion
35. Opinion


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Can't figure it out...you can just cut and paste
I am making answer keys for lots of other task cards and I will try to post more...