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Fair Weather ideas


Junior Member
I am looking for literature ideas to use with the novel Fair Weather by Richard Peck. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm reading this novel during my lunch break. Love it! Love his historical novels in general! Off the top of my head, I am always impressed with Peck's gift for description and detail. I think an easy activity is to draw a scene from the novel.

I also think maybe drawing the characters as they look in the opening chapters and again in the new duds Mom buys to wear to Chicago. Kind of a makeover type activity!

Tell a scene from the point of view of another character would be interesting too. It could be a journal entry or a letter.

Making a scrapbook project of things the characters collect from their trip would be stimulated.

I haven't finished the novel, but I really think it's a wonderful read!


Teacher guide

Novel units (1800) 688-3224 carries Fair weather. another suggestion is to create a World's Fair Exposition of the products that were first introduced at the fair.