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fall bulletin board title


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I had my kids make some really cute scarecrows at home this week and am planning to post them on an unused bb outside the room. I need a cute title to go with it. The only thing I can think of is "3rd grade is something to crow about" but I wasn't sure if this sounded right or not. What do you think? DO you have any suggestions?

Dee Dee

title for bulletin board

Try "We're No Scared of Hard Work!" Then you could display any interesting work they have done- tests, stories, etc.

apple annie

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What about something to do with "harvest"?

For example....

A Harvest of Great Work

A Bumper Crop of Great Work.

Carrie in WV

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My bulletin board says "Falling Into Good Grammar" and I have a pile of leaves below my 5 ft tall scarecrow that have all the parts of speech, types of sentences, etc. written on colorful leaves. The word "falling" looks like it is falling like the leaves...

Carrie in WV

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Another Idea

To go along with the poster who said you could display work...last year I had a board that was fall-ish and said "Featuring Fall's Finest". Every child could choose a paper they wanted to have displayed.