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Falsely Accused of Taking a Student Home


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I just needed to vent to everyone about a situation I am now in. I was called to the principal's office today for a supposed incident that happened back on April 21st. Apparently one of the teachers heard through the grapevine that I gave a male student a ride home from a track meet and also forged his mom's signature on a note. I have never even went to one of the track meets this year, and I tried explaining that to the principal. He told me that was fine and he was just concerned about the situation. I told him I would never give a student a ride home no matter what the circumstance was. He said he was glad to hear that and told me to have a great afternoon. I am just so wondering if someone is out to get me this last month of school before I even leave that place. I am so sick of that school, I just wish I could quit tomorrow and enjoy this last month without stress.


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What an elaborate lie! I wonder why people would spread such rumors when they clearly can be proven wrong! Just bring the student in and he probably will have no idea what you all are talking about. Whoever said that is going to have to do better than that next time. (Just being sarcastic! I would not want you to have to pay for another stupid rumor!)


Ridiculous Rumors

It's amazing what kinds of rumors are spread about teachers. It could have started as something innocent that was misinterpreted by someone else who told their friend, who told their friend, and so on. It's like the game "telephone" that we used to play when we were little.

I'm glad that the principal seemed to have taken your side. It's too bad you can't find out the root of the problem.


Move on

I was in a similar situation last year...I have read some of your postings. Basically, last year was hell for me. I didn't realize how much it affected me as a person until I was out of the situation. Teachers talked about me, the kids were terrible, the administration ambushed me on a regular basis and NEVER helped, etc. I was beginning to think that it WAS my fault and that I was a bad teacher (or that I was just going crazy). Well, I was at a new school this year and it has been great! Don't let yourself get too down about this. Move on from that school and never look back! Life is too short to be that unhappy at work, and not getting paid very much on top of that! On a brighter note, it will make you appreciate your new job SO much more!