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Family literacy bags


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I just read a neat article about family literacy bags and was wondering if anyone currently does this with their class. If so, do you happen to have examples that you could share? I would love to incorporate this idea into our current science unit: simple machines. Thank you!
Here is a link to the article if you're interested: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/20037


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I do these with my preschool special ed kids and their families. They're a big hit. We do ones on birthdays, your family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, we do one for each month, end of year celebration, your a special, spreading sunshine (acts of kindness sort of), um.... I forget what else. Plus math, nutrition, shapes, sounds, ....colors... we have around 14 in all. I made them in decorated canvas bags, each has a book and a response journal, with markers/crayons, and supplies.


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Literacy Bags

I just went to a conference where there was a booth for literacy bags. They had over 100 different topics. Their website is
www.teachersbagsbooksandbeyond.com I bought one and won one. They have a folder included with journal pages, a sign out sheet and worksheets to go with the theme/topic. They even offer a bag of the month club if you're interested.