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Fantastic Workshop


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I did fizzle out but I think I'm ok now. Way too much to do over the holidays. I recently went to a BER workshop presented by Bev Bain. It was so much fun and very useful. Using Guided Reading & Literacy Centers. Her center activities are stored in magazine storage boxes and last for 10 weeks. Great stuff and well organized, especially good for small classrooms. If you get the chance GO!


More about Bev Bain's workshop

I missed her workshop... too many other things going on while she was here in New England... Why do they schedule workshops a couple of weeks before Christmas?

I did e-mail BER, but they don't sell her book from the workshop or an audio of the workshop.

Can you share anything you learned?




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BER workshop

Hi Nancy, I'd be happy to share some of Bev's ideas. I will gather up my materials and get back to you soon.