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Favorite holiday gifts


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Hello. It's mid-October and I'm already stressing out about the holiday season! (those decorations in the stores don't help!) One area that I worry about alot are teacher's gifts for my own kids' teachers. I *really* don't have alot of money to spend, but I want to give them something that is nice. Although I'm a teacher myself, I don't feel that I can count on the things that I, personally, like (for ex., I know alot of people get waaaay too many candles, but I LOVE candles). I also don't like to do anything scented, like perfume or soap, because scent is just too personal. So I'm asking all of you- what do you like/what was the nicest gift that you've gotten from a student? Any thoughts on what NOT to get, too, while we're at it?


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I personally have really enjoyed the gift cards from malls, bookstores, etc. I also like consumables (like food items, fresh flowers, etc.) so I don't feel I have to store it and hang on to it forever. However, the things that have made a lasting impression are the cards and pictures my students have created to show how much I help them and mean to them. I keep a "Smile File" and I look back at the cards and pictures from time to time. I cannot remember from year to year who gave me a picture frame or a candle, but the heartfelt cards are never forgotten!!! :)


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no decorations or "teacher" stuff

I personally don't like to get things that people typically associate with teaching. I've gotten magnets, key chains, painted cups, etc. with ABC's, 123's and teacher sayings on them. That gets old, and I have nowhere to put it all.

Gift cards are always great, and I also love flowers. Candles are good, as long as they're a scent that I like, which is hard to do because too many things give me headaches.

I would have to say that cards from students that are heartfelt (not just "Merry Christmas") are what I like most. Just a kind letter would be good :)


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My favorites.....

While I love the gift cards and sweet treats as much as anyone, my favorite gifts are the ones my students made for me. I wear a bracelet beaded by one of my former students and the quilt on my son's bed was a baby gift from another student. (He earned his merit badge for scouts as he made that quilt. ) I just had to thow out a Christmas ornament made for me in 1989 by a sweet former student who dressed the little skier in my favorite colors. It fell apart after years on my Christmas tree.:( It is just so special when a child puts that much effort and care into a gift.:)

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I have to agree that after many years of teaching, I really don't want anything else that says teacher on it.:eek:

One of my favorite gifts to get & to give is a gift card for one free movie rental tied onto a packet of microwave popcorn. It is fast, easy, & inexpensive. I had a parent one year that dressed it up by putting it in a container that said popcorn on it & adding two root beers. But it is just a nice tied onto a packet of popcorn. It's nice holiday break, popcorn & a movie. :)

I always have my children make cards for their teachers & have saved some of the homemade ones from my students over the years.


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favorite gifts

We live on a pretty tight budget and love to give the gifts in a jar.
I have made the 15 bean soup mix, brownies, and cookies.

The soup was the most econmical one to do. I think my daughter and I made 30 jars up and it averaged $1.50 a jar.


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teacher gift ideas

*gift card to bookstore
*gift card to restaurant
*homemade bread--yum!
*i like to get cute postits and stamps and stickers--because i always need more!

*the best gift is the heartfelt card with specifics about how well the child is doing in the class, why s/he likes the teacher, etc--those are the most heartwarming!

(re: candles---i do like them, but one year i got like 12 candles--holy cow!)


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I can beat that...hehe....last year one of my student's mothers worked in a candle factory. I got a bag full of them. There had to be 50+ votive candles in it.

No matter what it is, it is nice to be remembered. After school on those gift days (typically Christmas and Valentines), the teachers at my school all know to cart the treasures we don't want to keep (because we can't possibly store the purple monkey clocks and glow in the dark singing faux flowers, ect.) to a designated room. All the goodies are then delivered to a retirement home, where truly not enough attention is paid to the residents. Everybody wins!

I really like the idea of the popcorn & movie rental though. Sounds easy and economical!


Teacher Gifts


~I like the movie rental idea with popcorn and/or candy.
~Gift cards to book stores, Target, Michaels, etc.
~Gift cards for restaurants (These can get pricey, so a gift card to a sandwich shop like Panera is really nice.)

I've done this: a small/medium sized basket (could also be a holiday looking basket) from the $1 store. Sometimes they're also cheap at Michaels and Walmart. You can put some sort of dried grass (cheap from Walmart) in the bottom. Then add:
~save/collect jars used for canning and fill with a homemade hot chocolate mix (can't remember the recipe, but you could probably google it)
~Cinnamon sticks from the grocery store tied together with red/green ribbon
~Make Christmas cookies and add to basket
~Christmas candies
~Christmas Candles
~Coffee mug for hot chocolate (inexpensive)
Anything else you can think of.

PLEASE do not buy...anything that says teacher, ABC, or 123. Also do not buy coffee unless you know that person likes coffee! Last year I got 2 coffee mugs, several coffee mixes, and $40 to the local coffee shop. I CAN'T STAND COFFEE!!!! Needless to say, I gave them away to people who drink coffee.

Good luck!


Teacher gifts

I agree with the poster who said she liked getting a movie gift card. One of my parents gave me one at the end of the year and we used it to see one of the Harry Potter movies. It was a really nice treat. I also got an adorable of little box of greeting cards. It has dividers that say birthday, get well, shower, baby gift, sympathy, etc. It was a nice assortment of cards for all occasions and a little booklet to record birthdays, etc. I also vote no on the candles, I give them away to my sister in law who loves candles.


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gift idea

One of my most unusual gifts was a box filled with items to celebrate New Years Eve. Inside was items like hats for two, crackers, cheese, horn blowers confetti and other snacks. It was really nice for that year it had snowed so much we were unable to go out. It also had paper plates and napkins in them.


Edible gifts!

I like getting chocolate or cookies- anything edible. I got homemade chocolate covered pretzels from one of my students and that was really nice. It's hard getting "things" because you run out of places to put them. I also love notepads, cards, writing paper, etc. Last year, one of the parents gave me really cute post-it notes that were shoes. I like things that I can use and won't clutter up my house or classroom. :)


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great gifts

One of my favorite gifts I've gotten was when a student and his mom asked about what I like to eat for breakfast and then provided my breakfast the next day. I've also had parents make special treats for me. What about a little dip crock with a spreading knife? Last year I got a great deal on Christmas crocks with spreaders. I made a chocolate chip cream cheese ball for my neighbors and sent it with mini graham crackers. They loved them.:s)


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No food please!

I personally prefer gift cards. I really don't want any food items for a couple of reasons. I've been doing Weight Watchers and have lost 39 pounds. I really don't want the temptation! Also, I might be a little strange, but I'm leery of eating food when I'm not certain of the cleanliness of the preparer. I, too, don't want any more "teacher" stuff. After all, how many apples can a person have? :)


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Great ideas

Thanks to all that responding. There are some very good, do-able ideas here. I appreciate your input!


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Gift Cards!!!

Definitely go with a gift card!!!! Teachers have way too many candles, lotions, candy, chocolate, and teachery stuff. I love that stuff, but it gets really old when you have so much of it. A $5 or $10 gift card (or whatever amount) to a local restaurant, video store, bookstore, etc. is the best gift of all!


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special gifts

I think the most precious gifts are the ones the children have made themselves. Two of my most favorite gifts are hanging on the wall in my 3rd grade classroom. One is a matted and framed crayon drawing of me wearing a crown..I just love it! and the other gift is a very sweet poem about me called "My Hero" which is also matted and framed.