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Favorite new tv show?


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So now that most of the new shows are out, which one is your favorite? I really haven't gotten into any of them.


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i don't need more

shows! so i haven't watched any of them...

but i'm glad apprecentice (NOT martha's!), ER, and medium are back!

i happened to catch part of Lost the other day....i had avoided watching it last season because i KNEW i'd be hooked, it looked so good! and, yep, it was good! (my saving grace is that i don't know what channel or time it's on, so i'll keep forgetting to catch it!)


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Weird, but...

I'm really enjoying "My Name is Earl." It is so funny and ironic. Also, I really get into "Biggest Loser." That show hooks me every time! :)



None of them have interested me so far. I love the Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. I watch them every night.


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My Favorite...

This isn't new this year, but I really like Desperate Housewives. I missed a lot of the first season, but I rented a few of the episodes on DVD to catch up.


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So many!!

I am really loving this new tv season! I think "Supernatural" is really scary (although it is getting progressively less scary as time goes on) and "Invasion" has caught my attention. I am totally hooked on "Prison Break" and "Threshold" as well. (I guess I am really into those sci-fi things!!)

Of course, "Survivor", "Desperate Housewives" "CSI" and "Lost" are always on my top 10.

With all of the tv I watch, it's amazing I can actually get work done! hee hee :D


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Lost ins't new, but I do NOT miss it. Even bought the first season on DVD. I really like prison break. We are also watching surface, which I can't decide if I truly like or not.


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tv show

I am really enjoying the show "Criminal Minds" with Mandy Patikin (sp?). I got interested in the show "Dead Like Me" with him on Showtime, but I guess they quit filming so he could do this new show.


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Let's Hear It for Madame President!

I really like Commander in Chief with Geena Davis. It's really interesting how the show revolves around the first female president and her family.


The apprentice!

It's soooo like real life accept justice is served!


Earl IS great

and a great premise for reconciliation and healing while laughing at yourself


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favorite TV show

I don't remember the name of it, but it has the actor who was in Boston Public. He played a teacher in that role. It is a family sit-com which reminds me a lot of "Eight Simple Rules..." What is funny about it is not just the reality presented as humor, but also the little "sidebars" they have. You get to see the character's thoughts. I hope this show continues to be as good as it is now.



I don't have much time to watch Tv but I never miss LOST and I'll watch prison break if I can! I missed it this week though.

Mackenzie AK

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I got hooked the first week. I think it is on hiatus during baseball playoffs, it is on FOX- Thursday's. Each week is a diffferent year in the life of these friends who graduated high school together and one of the was murdered by a another one of the friends.


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Oh gosh...

We are year-round and I've been tracked out for the last two weeks. Here's my list of must-sees now (new and old!):

-Grey's Anatomy
-Gilmore Girls
-Arrested Development
-The Office
-Prison Break

Umm... how will I get any work done when we go back?!



These aren't new shows, but I'm hooked on Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Also still enjoy 7th Heaven and am trying to get into the 8th season of Charmed - I used to watch religiously, but just can't get into it this year. I'm also enjoying the Geena Davis show. And usually my dh and I enjoy watching Amazing Race, but aren't right now. Plus Alias and 24 (when that comes on in Jan). Am I a tv junkie??


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show you meant

I think you're talking about "War at Home" on Fox on Sundays. I think it's great too! My boyfriend and I already have some inside-joke quotes from it and we've only seen it twice. Too bad it's on hiatus while baseball finishes.


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Me too

I love it. Not because it is not that she is a woman but her decisions are right where I hope a president's should be.

It is great!


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My two favorites

My two favorites are not new this year but were last year. I never miss Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. I do usually watch Greys Anatomy after Desp. Housewives but that is it to my TV watching.


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and then there is

two and a half men - hilarious
Dr. Phil - sorry, I love him
Amazing Race
The E Ring
Survivor - OF COURSE


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I love forensic anthropology--I also have all of the books (Kathy Reichs) the show is based on!:D