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fax, mail, and e-mail am i going overboard?!


Senior Member
when i see a posting for an opening that i'm qualified for i mail them my resume right away but i also fax it and e-mail it (unless they say no e-mails etc.). is this going overboard? do you think they would get annoyed? i can understand if they do but i want to get myself noticed ASAP


Senior Member
I don't think that is going overboard. Sometimes principals may never see your resume if it's stuck in the HR dept. At least this guarantees that it'll hopefully be seen at least once (especially if they receive a high volume of resumes). Good luck! <!--schoolbus-->


Full Member
The HR staff would probably get annoyed. If this has any bearing on if anyone else gets annoyed, it anyone's guess... depends on the district. In smaller districts, there would be a greater chance that more people would know. In a large district, I doubt anyone would care. Don't go overboard. It's not the one who sends in the most applications to a district, gets the job. :)