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Fed up, tired, angry, frustrated


Giving up

I have been teaching for three years and I am thinking of quitting. I have had a mother and father accuse me of hating their child. I have been trying to get two sets of parents to give permission to have their children tested for learning/attention issues. One parent agreed at our last conference and didn't follow through on sending in the permission slip and the other flatly refuses to believe that her son has any issues. Our principal announced she is retiring and is never here now (using up vacation days) and we were told that a principal of another school will be taking over. The faculty isn't being supported by the administration. I have developed health issues and I have family issues and I am stressed out. I am tired, I feel overworked and underappreciated. I am tired of spending my own money on teaching supplies, particularly since I can't live on what I make and I am going to have to work this summer. I keep asking myself if I would be happier doing something else. I have been filling out on line applications for other districts but the teaching job market here is extremely tight. Is anyone else experiencing this?


4th grade teacher

It sounds like you are a great teacher. I know this because you are taking everything to heart! That seems to be our downfall. We take on the responsibilities of everyone. I feel on most days that I am a mother and caretaker to a very large family. I am where you are on alot of days! Some weeks it feels like everyday gets worse. But, then I look at the smile of one of my ten years old students and the stress melts away. Last week, one student wrote me a note telling me how she appreciates the work I do for the class. THis after a day of pure stress! A student told me to F--- ---, another turned over his desk and only two parents showed up for conferences. Keep going! Don't give up! Maybe with a new principal things will get better. Remember to give yourself sometime each day for just you! I try and take a hot bath, get my nails done, or go for a cup of coffee with a friend. Talk with others in the building. SOmetimes once you realize you are not alone things look and feel better. I know you are helping those kids and they will be better for it! Good luck!


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I'm sorry you are feeling this way. Every job has its ups and downs. But, not every job comes with the stress and frustration of teaching. This should not be affecting your health this way. If I were you, I would take a day off for yourself really soon. Relax and think about what you want to do. Make a list of pros and cons of teaching. Some pros- vacations, summers off, making a difference.... See if you can live with the cons. Sometimes it's just a matter of making a conscious decision of not taking things to heart so much. I have gotten so much better at this. I have also been teaching three years. Before I would worry about every little thing and let everything upset me. It really does take practice (and deep breathing exersizes!) to not let everything bother you. Hopefully you can get another job next year or a better principal. I don't know if I will be teaching forever, but personally I would not give it up just yet! Good Luck. :)


Thinking of Quiting

Sometimes you need to break away from it all and regain energy. I would take a sick day and do something that you find relaxing and enjoyable. If you still feel the way that you do, then start applying. I have felt the same way that you have on many occassions. However, just when I thought I had enough something positive happened to remind me why I like where I teach. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. You may find that you have similar problems at another school. A new principal may turn your school around.