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Fed up with the politics in schools


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OK - so, I keep telling myself that I give myself 2 more years of teaching - aiming at 10 years. I just don't htink I am going to make it. Every day, every year - there is more and more to irk me about this career. I LOVE teaching children. I love being a teacher - I don't even mind the pathetic salary so much. It's the politics - union stuff, contract stuff, this and that nonsense that I am tired of. I know that every job out there is going to have it's politics, etc., but I'm so tired of working for school districts and naive teachers who won't stand up and fight for ourselves. I just feel like I need to get out and try something different to see for myself that the grass probably isn't greener. I just need new scenery.....I don't know........However, I feel stuck. What is there out there to do coming from a teaching career? I'm not worried about pay cuts anymore - however, I do have a 4 year degree and lots of work experience - I feel a fair starting salary isn't too much to ask - but won't take 12-15 an hour. I'm talking starting at 30,000????

Any ideas on new careers?