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Feeling wobbly


c green

Last night, around the time I planned to hang up my clothes for the new week, I started to have really intense pain in my side. By midnight, my boyfriend was driving me to the ER. Just a bladder infection, no major whoop, but we got back home at 2:30.

This morning I got out of bed at the sinfully late hour of 6:15, and took transit into school as usual. I'm now on my Xanax, my beta blocker, my Cipro for the infection...this is INSANE.

Why am I here? I'm here because I haven't been able to figure out a working sub plan for two and a half hour blocks, for a direct instruction program, with a class that can't even do silent reading. I'm here because I know being out of the room is more stressful even than being in the room.

I'm feeling kind of wobbly. The kids are taking a test, first thing, thank God.

Did I mention it's my boyfriend's 30th birthday today? What a way to start the day!


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Take it easy on yourself...

You need some time. You might have to bite the bullet and leave the little monsters. Then the admin. will learn what type of "bad seed" class you have. It does no good to wear yourself out. Leave tons of worksheets and reading with long responses. They are the problem, not you.Don't let them burn you out.
A fair piece of advice, When you are on Cipro everything will taste metalic. It's not you, it's the drug. Solids tend to ease it, but nothing erases it. Hubby wouldn't kiss me because I tasted like quarters.
And Happy birthday tro the boyfriend.
Hang in there!!!!(((((hugs)))))

c green

Is that what that is?

Yeah, I can taste the old nickels. They didn't warn me. Between my meds now I can't have dairy, grapefruit juice, spicy food, caffeine...I'm forgetting something. I'm not too sure what to eat. Most of my major food groups are getting knocked out. I had a croissant for breakfast, with a protein smoothie.


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line up the videos

Take a day. In the 12 plus years of schooling most of these kids will have, a few days of packets and videos will not hurt, especially if you are that sick!

I make a couple of emergency packets at the beginning of the year and stuff them in the closet for just such a situation. Easy packet stuff, but something that takes awhile.

Sub days are also great days for practice work, such as partner read an article and write a summary.


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Sub Plans

Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better. When you are feeling better consider making a Sub Tub. I have a dishpan labeled "Sub Tub". I include class list, schedule, emergency information, broad lesson plans. as well as anthing that might take place on a sub day. I have folders for math, science/social studies, phonics, reading as well as extra worksheets. I keep a few read alouds in there as well as Bingo games and Wordo games. Throughout the year, when we do not complete things, I throw them in my "sub tub". It seems a little extra work but if I am ever out--there are plans and I do not have to worry plus most of the work is review. Hope this helps..


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Sub Tub

I love the "Sub Tub" idea! More than once I've run to my classroom at 8 pm so I can leave plans for the sub...and I'm sick as a dog while I'm doing it! I plan to make a "Sub Tub" and focus on getting better, not scrambling for lessons. Thanks!