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Feelings of failure


New Member
I'm a new special education teacher and so far it's been going good. Of course I've been in the valley but I've always gotten out until now. I have a ReEvaluation meeting coming up this week and the scores are showing that the student doesn't qualify for SLD and her score was a little too high for MR. I know she needs specialized instruction but I don't want to label her MR if she isn't.

I know it's a team decision but as fo now the team is split and a lot of burden has been put on my shoulders...as far as her teachers telling me that if she's not in Special Education her life is basically ruined. Emotionally this has been so draining. I'm dreading the day this week when we have to meet and decide.

I know you don't know the case but is there anything you do to ease the stress that accompanies making hard hard decisions?


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You said it.

First off, you are part of a team. Not just for decision,s but for TEACHING. If the child does not qualify for special ed, then she doesn't qualify. How about Title 1? How about small group instruction during reading workshop? The teachers are going to have to buck up and do their part too.

It would be nice if all students that wouldn't get As go to special ed. , but they can't. I actually had a teacher tell me once that "he won't get more than a c unless he gets extra help." That's not our job. Will she make effective progress in the classroom without specuial ed? THAT'S the question. Test scores alone won't qualify someone unless that's state or district policy where you are.

If she's going to make progress, then she does not belong in sped.