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fellow teacher mad at me today



I had signed up for the computer lab for a specified time today, and at my assigned time I lugged my fifth grade class all the way down to the end of the hallway to the computer lab. Lo and behold, there's a class sitting in there. It's a kindergarten class with their teacher. It is already 12:30, the time I was supposed to start my computer time, and I had already told the kids in my class that they would have only a very short time to use the computers (about 30 minutes for research). The teacher looked at me and told me that SHE was scheduled until 12:45. I told her that I could not return at 12:45, because I needed a half hour (12:30-1:00) and then the kids had to go to a special. We couldn't accomplish much in 15 minutes and I didn't want to waste time walking back to the classroom, then coming back.

She told her kids to sign off of the computers, then when she was walking out into the hallway, she told me in front of the fifth graders that I needed "to be more polite" and that I was "rude."

Later on that day, I doublechecked the schedule. She had blocked off 10:45-11:45 for her kids' computer time, which meant that she should have been finished by 12:30. I even showed the schedule to a member of my team, who agreed that that was how the schedule read.

Still, later I sent her an e-mail of apology, telling her that I didn't mean to upset her (she is pregnant) and that my reaction had nothing to do with her or her kids. It was just a reaction to the situation.

She wrote back a nasty e-mail that said I needed to be more professional and nice. (As if her scolding me in front of my students was professional?) She also insisted that she had signed up for the time from 11:45-12:45, and that I should check the schedule. I think she needs to go back and check the schedule, but I am just going to drop this one for now. No point in having World War III over something like this. Still, I don't feel I was treated nicely, either. And she WAS wrong about her time.


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photo copy speaks 1000 words

I would photocopy the schedule and pop it in her box and not say another word about it.


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I would also photocopy the schedule and just pop in her room and say something along the lines of well I took your advice and checked the schedule and I guess you must have read your time wrong.


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Don't let this one go!

I agree--if you let this go, she'll think it's okay to treat others the way she did--and her STUDENTS will take her example, too!

You were in the right; photocopy the schedule, highlight her time slot and then say nothing more. If she wants to continue the fight, she'll have to come to YOU; otherwise, she'll probably be embarrassed and let it go.

I don't have kids and I've never been pregnant, but I have a hard time swallowing that "I'm pregnant" is a good excuse for rudeness and unprofessionalism.


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I do have kids and I have been pregnant.

The fact that teacher is pregnant has absolutely nothing to do with the situation. You don't need to walk around on eggshells hoping not to get a pregnant women upset. It also does not give her an excuse to tell you off in front of your class. Personally, I would tell her that being called rude and impolite in front of students is unacceptable. If she has a problem with you, it needs to be addressed in private. I would also drop a copy of the schedule in her box--highlighted of course.


Why does she get to use the lab for 1 hour? That seems extreme, especially for Kindergarteners.


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Don't let it go!!!

I was thinking the same thing as Kristabel--an hour on computers seems way too long for K's. I work w/some K students and while they like the computers and enjoy the math games, etc. they play on them, they get bored at about 15 min. tops! I would think that 5th graders doing research for a project would be a better use of the computers than K students being on there for that long..........It really bugs me that this teacher automatically assumed that YOU were in the wrong, as if there was no way SHE could have misread the schedule (which, it turns out, is exactly what happened!) I agree with the other posters that you need to make her aware of HER mistake. I'm not saying be confrontational about it (as SHE was, in front of your students no less), but definately point out that she was the one in error. I don't mean to sound petty, lol, but folks like her need a big slice of humble pie once in awhile.


Two things

I was pregnant two different years, and sick as a dog to boot. I even had to ask the neighboring teachers to step into my room at times so I could go throw up. But, I still came to school to teach, and I still was courteous to everyone, nonetheless. It's no excuse to be unprofessional or haughty just because she's pregnant.

Maybe she doesn't feel well, I'll give her that. Maybe it's impairing her brain, I'll even give her that. BUT, no excuses for *her* to be rude and say anything as such in front of your students. I would address this lack of professionalism along with the schedule issue. She's going to be mad anyway. But be gentle, and ask how she's been feeling, and if there's anything you can do for her, along with the address, and mean it.

Mrs. G

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I agree....

with the other posters who said to make a copy of the schedule and put it in her box. No need to say anything else to her because she will not change her tune. However, this my make her think about her actions even if she doesn't apologize to you.;)