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Fess up

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Okay, how many people were out shopping the deals today and bought things for themselves?

I did. I was at Walmart at 5am and got bruises to prove it. I wanted the portable DVD player for myself. I'm going to put it on my treadmill! lol

I wanted to buy Season 2 & 3 of Nip/Tuck but the stores were out. I came home and ordered it online from Amazon. I had a $10 gift code (for taking a survey) and with free shipping it was only a few dollars more than the stores had.

I'm going to wrap my goodies and put them under the tree. This way I know for sure I'll be getting something great this year from Santa. I can only get so excited about new slippers and robes. <!--misspeak-->

Most of the others things I plan to buy for the family weren't on special yet. I'm going to wait and see what other sales come up.


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I didn't buy anything for myself today, but that's only because my hubby was with me. I'll shop for me later. ;)

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I admit I did

After I had rounded up the bargains I needed for others, I took the time to shop for myself (after all, I was out already, right?:D). I got two long sleeved tee shirts in Target, some sweaters, one pair of pants and a skirt. Things were 50% off at Kohls, and I had an additional 15% coupon, so they were good deals. It's finally getting cold here, so I need those new, warmer clothes.:s)


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home today

I never left the house today. Turkey coma... LOL. I was actually setting up my Christmas decor. :D My gifts are all bought and wrapped already. I was an early bird this year. :p


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...I did!!! I bought (for my DH to give me for Christmas:rolleyes:) a digital picture frame. I also bought tons of Wallflower refills from B & B Works, but wait...I can say that is for others that come and visit me. They get the pleasure of my house smelling good, right?!LOL At B & B Works, I also bought lotions.


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The only thing I bought were Wallflower refills for me, but I bought them online to avoid the crowds! B&B offered 6.00 shipping, the nearest store to me is 18miles away.. I figured it was worth 6.00 to not have to drive up there and and back and fight the crowds! And I still get the free perfume gift since I ordered $30.00 worth.. :D


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So Sad

I could NOT find a parking place at the mall. I drove around and around and around waiting for someone to leave--but there were too many others with the same idea. I gave up and left! I had B a B on my list--they usually have the lotions and soaps on sale. :(

The only places I went were to Lowes and WAlMart!

But, I already have purchased a new pair of shoes for myself and they are wrapped. DH doesn't realize that the tag says to Me from HIM!LOL (Wonder if he'll ever catch on????)


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Bath and Body online

Anything you planned to get at B&B you can order from their website for the same sale price. Shipping was 5.95 when I ordered last night (today's prices were online yesterday :D), and is supposed to be that all weekend. It's cheaper than driving around the mall and there were no crowds.. :rolleyes:

There's even a code for the free colognes and gift card w/30.00 purchase.


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I did!

What's the point of killing myself to get bargains for others if I don't reward myself? I bought a pair of jeans---needed them desperately since none from last year fit(smaller size this year!!!), sweater, fleece and earrings. I think I spent about $40 for all that, so I feel good about my rewards.

I feel like I got some real good bargains and I didn't go out until 8am. Free remote from Staples, $50 digital frame from Walmart and the best deal was $200 gold hoop earrings for $56!!! Of course I have nothing for DH, DS, and DD since they have not given me any ideas!!! I hope they like an empty under the tree!


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I bought a jacket for myself at Kohls. It was $149 less 50% less 15% coupon and then a $10 reward coupon. How could I not???? I mean really!!! LOL


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My mom and I waited until later in the afternoon and we visited Home Depot, Lowes, Kmart and Walmart. At Kmart I bought myself two turtle neck sweaters...they ended up only costing 8.49 a piece.. and a very soft, and warm red vest that was 30% off. I felt guilty because I didn't get my son any Santa gifts...we went to WalMart and I made up for that!:D


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Loved the shopping

I took my 11 year old grandaughter out clothes shopping the day before Thanksgiving. She is at the age that she has developed her her fashion taste. We had a great time, and now I know that clothes will fit plus she loved everything she picked out. The week before they had a special night set aside for the teachers in our county at ToysRUs and I was able to get most of the toys I wanted for my granddaughters. This morning I went to Walmart and bought 3 toys that were on sale that we on their list. Now all I have to do is to buy clothes for the six year old and i will be done. This is the first year that I have shopped early and this is a godd feeling. Now the wraping marathon will have to beging soon. I hate that part. For the grand kids I buy 2 different rolls for them and wrap their presents. That way I don't need tags for they know which wrapping is theirs. Make it a lot easier.


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I did not shop AT ALL today. Drove home from my sister-in-law's this morning and then put up Christmas lights on the house. I plan on putting up the tree tomorrow. 'Tis the season...........<!--thanksgiving1-->


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I don't think I have *ever* gone shopping on black Friday. I have a huge aversion to crowds ;) We only have Macy's and Walmart (and a Kmart) with specials anyway- no other stores, really, and certainly no malls. I avoid Walmart at all costs- it is super crowded at any time ;)

I wouldn't mind sending out a proxy shopper some time! I went to Kmart last week and it really stressed me out-- all those Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving and all that Christmas music- I was feeling stressed that I was not ready for Christmas, and it's only November! ;)


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I Went & Loved It!!!!

I was at Target @ 5:55 AM (the store opened at 6) I was in line with 250 + other people but I didn't mind. I got some playdoh for $5.00,a game for 3.99, among some other things.
I would have done more shopping but had some other things come up that needed to be taken care of. I love shopping and really don't mind the crowds.

Happy Shopping everyone!<!--thanksgiving1-->