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field day activities for middle school or high school?

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field day

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does anyone have field day activities that they have used (w/directions) for middle school and high school?


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Some Field Day Activities can include:

Tug of War
Spoon and Egg Race
Water Balloon and Blanket Toss
Football or Baseball Throw
Three Legged Race
Potato Sack Race
1/2 Mile Run (on the outside perimeter of the field)


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How about

over and under relay using a roll of toilet paper instead of balls. It has to unwind, but not break as it goes down the line?
Being a waiter(ress). Get some of the cardboard pieces from under pizza, wrap it with foil so it doesn't disintegrate, put three or 4 plastic cups of water on it and they have to go from point a to point b and back. In each heat, the winner is the one with the most water left. Oh! they have to carry it with one hand underneath it and hold it above their head.
Three legged race, but instead of tying their legs together, use feed sacks.
Old clothes relay - first person has to run to a pile of clothes and put them on over their clothes (be sure to get large sizes so no one will be left out - length is not important), then run back to the starting point, take off clothes and next person has to put them on, go to point b and take them off, then run back and tag next person, etc. You have to decide if they can help each other or not.
Roll a ball from point a to point b using a stick or bat.
A good, hard one is to give each team the same set of equipment (pieces of cardboard or boxes, jump ropes, lengths of board, whatever else you decide you want to use) and they have to get everyone on the team from point a to point b without anyone stepping on the ground. If someone touches the ground, they have to start over. It's a real challenge and some of the students get very creative - putting someone in the box and pulling them with the rope or whatever. You can probably figure this one out pretty easily.
Shoe box race - you have to have a lot of shoe boxes (the bigger the better). We went to a shoe store and got a bunch. Students have to put each foot in a shoe box and go from point a to point b. Got some good laughs!
Forgot the rest, but maybe there's an idea somewhere in here that you can use.


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Just remembered

a couple more.
Box stack - use shoe boxes or whatever. First person runs down and stacks the boxes. If they fall before (s)he gets back to the starting point (s)he has to go back and restack. Second person has to go and unstack (can't just knowck them down). Could use cups if there's not much wind or if you are indoors.
Use a broom to sweep a golf ball from a to b and back.
Keep a balloon in the air with a stick or paper tube for a) set amount of time or b) while moving from one place to another.
Run while balancing a ball on a ping pon paddle or on the convex side of a frisbee.
Balance a tennis ball on a spoon while running.
Trash Sack Throw - fill trash sacks (you choose size) with newpapers and have students compete to see who can throw the furthest. You can set rules for overhand, underhand, wind up, no wind up, etc.
Balloon pop - each student in line gets a balloon. On "go" teams race against each other to point a, sit, fall, stomp (you could outlaw that one) on the balloon until it breaks, get up and go back and tag the next person. If you use helium balloons filled with regular air, they are harder to pop.
Will be glad to furnish more details if you need them, but you can probably figure most of them out.


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Circus theme survivor for middle school

I divide my students into 6 teams.
Their first event is to make a team banner with their team name.
Activities included: toilet paper toss, send in the clowns (one person had to be made into a clown by the rest of their team), human ring toss, progressive dill pickle eating contest, cover the spot (used playing cards tossed to cover the spot), bank a shot, then finished off with musical pie in the face.


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under the big top survivor

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Under the Big Top

8:15 – 8:45 Banner Making

8:45 – 9:00 Banner Judging

9:00 – 9:15 Duck Shoot

Set up ducks on top of cups in sections for each team. First person runs down picks up the gun and had four tries to knock down as many ducks as they can. They then pick up their four balls, run back and the next person goes. The team to knock down all of their ducks first wins.
(Could use 12 student helpers with this one to reload the guns)

9:20 – 9:35 Dill Pickle Eating Contest

Each team has a jar of dill pickles in front of them. The first person runs down, gets a fork, and gets as many pickles as they wish on their fork. They then must eat them and show an empty mouth, before running back and tagging the next person (make sure they throw away their fork). This continues until all of the pickles are gone. The team must then have one person go down and drink all of the pickle juice. If one person can’t do it, they may send another person down to finish.

9:40 – 10:10 Send In the Clowns

Each team picks one person to decorate as a clown. Using the props supplied, they have 30 minutes to make the best clown they can. When they are done they may use the left over face paint to paint the faces of the rest of their team. Staff will judge to choose the best clown.

10:15 – 10:30 Penny Pitch

Each team is given two rolls of pennies. In front of the team is a can. The first person gets a spoon and gets as many pennies as they want on their spoon without using their other hand. They then walk/run down holding the spoon with one hand, to the pitching line and attempt to pitch their pennies in their teams can. If they drop pennies on the way down, they may not stop to retrieve them. They may not put their other hand under the spoon to catch the pennies. The team to get 50 pennies in their can first wins.
(Could use 12 student helpers to pick up the pennies and count)

10:35 – 10:50 Human Ring Toss

Each team picks three people to put on the poly spots. The closest is worth 10 points, the middle person is worth 15 points, and the farthest person is worth 20 points. The human posts must stand with their backs to their team. Each team is given one hula hoop at a time to pass around the human circle without breaking hands. When the hula hoop gets to the first person to toss, they run down to the throwing line and attempt to toss their hoop over one of the three people. The human “posts” are not allowed to move to help the hoop on. Hit or miss, they run back and pick up a hoop and start it at the next person to toss the hoop. Once again the team must pass it around their circle without letting go of hands. The team to get to a determined amount of points first wins.
(Could use 12 student helpers to pick up hula hoops and add points)

10:50 – 11:03 Clean up for lunch and determine lunch winners.

1st --- School lunch, plus, pop, ice cream sundaes
2nd --- School lunch, plus animal crackers
3rd --- School lunch
4th --- Corn dog, waffle fries, corn, milk
5th --- Corn dog, corn, milk
6th --- Corn dog, apple, glass for water

11:03 – 11:43 LUNCH

11:45 – 12:10 Mystery Food

The first person on each team runs down picks up a party hat and has to eat the food underneath before returning back to their team. If they choose not to eat the food, they must sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” before returning back to their team. The first team to send 13 players down and is sitting down first wins.

12:15 – 12:45 Cover the Spot

In front of each team is a poster board with a circle on it. At the beginning, each team is given a deck of playing cards. The object of the game is for each team member to take a card, run down to the throwing line, and attempt to toss the card on the circle. The team to cover their spot first wins.

12:50 – 1:05 Feed the Elephant

Each team chooses one person to be the elephant. This player puts on the “trunk” and moves down to the poly spot in front of their team. On go, the first person in each line runs, gets a “peanut” and attempts to toss it into the elephants trunk. The elephant may not move off of the spot, but can move his/her trunk around to attempt to catch the “peanut”. If they catch the peanut, they put it in the bowl behind them. The team to get 15 peanuts in their bowl first wins.
The elephant must have both hands on their trunk and may not use their hands to catch the peanut.
(Could use 6 student helpers to count peanuts and pick up peanuts)

1:10 – 1:25 Toilet Paper Toss

Each team has a toilet target in front of them. The first person runs down picks up a roll of toilet paper, and attempts to toss it into their “toilet” target. The first team to get 20 rolls in first wins.
(Could use 12 student helpers to help count and return rolls of toilet paper)

1:30 – 2:00 Musical Pie in the Face

All the students sit in a circle alternating in color. When the music starts the students begin to pass around a raw/hard boiled egg. When the music stops, the person with the egg has two choices, pie themselves and stay in the game or pie the person to their left or right and leave the game. After 5 rounds, the team with the most players in wins. If there is a tie for any place, award both the same points.
(Could use student helpers to help fill plates with whip cream and cleanup)

2:00 – 2:30 Hand out awards and clean up


1st --- 50
2nd --- 40
3rd --- 30
4th ---20
5th --- 10
6th --- 5


I would like to see your ideas and directions for what you used at your middle level. This is our first year as a K-8 school and first year we will have 7th and 8th partipating. I have been part of our schools field day for 10 years, and planning and organizing the past 5...so older students are new to us. I want to keep it safe but fun for them.
Thanks for what you can send

Cris P

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We've decided to have a circus theme for our "Winter Carnival" (the day before Feb. break) this year. I came across your post and am interested in any ideas you may have.


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questions about field day for middle school

I have been a PE teacher for several years and loved your ideas, could you answer a couple questions, how do they get scored, other than winning the relay? How did you explain the musical pie in the face so students do not smack too hard?
Thanks for the ideas....
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Kate Kolmaen

Not fun!!!

This game sounds hard and very very very stupid!!!!!!!


H/PE Teacher

This response is very unprofessional and immature. The game ideas above are great. Where are yours????? To stupid to think of any?


Field Day another idea

At my school (Catholic School grades Pre-K through 8th) we used to do a very structured field day with lots of point counting and such. But we found that the kids were becoming very focused on a "winner" and "loser" situation. In an effort to have it be more fun focused we kept the teams and classes still play games against each other but now we don't have a point system. It has worked out very well for our school and the kids have a great time. LOVE the ideas and we are always looking for new activities.

Autum H


I think the ideals are creative, but the ones with food/eating are a bad idea. Too many allergies these days to mess with that. We have a student DEATHLY allergic to peanuts... believe it or not, pickles may contain peanuts.
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