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Fifth Grade from Hell


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I working in a school as a sub, but every one is calling me a perm. sub. I was suppoe to be working as a literacy teacher, but all I do is cover preps and fill-in if a teacher is absent. The buzz around the school is I am suppose to be working in the literacy dept. However, a fourth grade told her class I will covering another teacher's classs while she is out on maternity leave. I covered that 5th grade class to day for a prep. That is a really tough class. There is no way in hell I can take over that class. I have no idea who the regular teacher handles that class while pregnant. One of the aides told me they cannot wait unil that fifth grade is gone because they cannot keep teachers. The principal is unclear about what I am suppose to do. She intially told me I would be working with in the literacy department, but she then mentioned that God forsaken 5th grade class. I have no idea what is going on. I feel like every body is in on the joke except for me. I have commited to working at that school until 3/17. They have given me a mailbox and every thing.

Can someone please give me their oppinion on what is going on?


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It's a little tough to follow your post, but just a few threads down didn't you say you have excellent classroom management skills and that they almost come effortlessly? Now it's time to put those skills to good use with this class.


3/17 is not that far away :-)

Sounds interesting. Is someone going to give you lesson plans? Who gave you the assignment in the first place?

At any rate, you have just a couple of weeks. Just keep thinking of all the stiff drinks that will buy you when it's all over and you're recovering! ;-)

(just kidding)

Fifth grades are usually tough. In our school they are presently the worst group in the school. You have to stay on top of them at all times. Maybe if you're in there consistently you will learn to like them, and they'll respect you.

When is the maternity leave beginning? Can't you just ask that teacher who's filling in for her?


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I think they were a little crazy because their present teacher lets them get away with a lot. I probably can whip them into shape, but I do not like taking a authoritve approach, its really not my style. I guess my preference to work with third and fourth graders is showing.

I just do not like the administration having me walking around in limbo, and telling different teachers different things.


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The administration told me today I will be a literacy teacher. I have escaped the challenging 5th grade.