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finding time in schedule for RW and WW

Language Arts | Writing 


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I really want to incorporate reading and writing workshop into my first grade class next year but am not sure how realistic it will be based on district requirements. In my district we are required to use the Scott Foresman reading series. We do not need to follow it exactly,we just need to make sure we find a way to teach all of the weekly skills. We have less flexibility in terms of centers and guided reading. We MUST have at least 3 center rotations daily while the teacher is meeting with guided reading groups. Anyone in a similar situation and found a way to make it work? I'm thinking of just starting up WW this year and seeing how it goes.

The schedule we are given looks something like this

8:45-9:00-Students Arrive and unpack
9:00-9:30-Language Arts Mini Lesson (This is supposed to be the time for any writing/word study/reading skills to be introduced that are later revisited in centers-which is extremely challenging)
9:30-11:00 Guided Reading and Centers
11:00-11:40 Lunch
11:40-1:00 Math/Math Centers (required 80 min per day)
1:00-2:20-Social Studies/Science/Health (can cut down this time a little but need to prepare for sci/ss benchmarks each quarter)
2:20-Special until 3:00 Dismissal

Mz. L.

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I am so thankful that I don't have basal requirements for my reading instruction! If there is any way that you can figure it out, that 9:30 to 11 time might work for 45 minutes each of Readers' and Writers' Workshop. Especially true if you can use some of that earlier reading time for your read aloud, shared reading or mini lesson. Do your very best. The workshop approach is extremely effective for teaching reading and writing. I have done it all, and I believe in workshop. Good luck!!!