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First birthday party!


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I can't believe my DD is already almost one! I am trying to start planning her birthday party but I haven't been to a kids birthday in a long time..let alone a first birthday.

Any tips, ideas, or themes you have used? I have such a large family I am actually wondering if there is a place besides my house we can have it..


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For our sons' 1st b-day parties, we did family and close family friends only. We didn't do a lot of little kids and such as they are so young.

When we were in a smaller home, we had the party at a pizza parlor where we could reserve the back room and have everyone there.

We didn't do any games. Just had lunch, cake & ice cream and gifts. Your little one is so young, holding her attention throughout the event will be challenging enough :)

Have a great 1st b-day party!! Be sure to have someone on camera duty for you.

We also had a small separate cake for the b-day baby so our son could do as he wished with it ~ hands and all :) While the adults had a separate cake to be able to enjoy also.


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There are a lot of Character themes aimed at First birthdays. Check out partycity or any of the other party supply stores.
If you live in an area that's not super cold this time of year you could have the party at a park.


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For DS's 2nd and 3rd bday we've had it at bounce houses/spacewalks. For his first we did kind of an intimate thing. We just had immediate family and 2 or 3 close friends.

Some around me do it at Chuck E. Cheese but I prefer a place that is open just for your family. The places we've done ours have just been reserved for us and no one else. It might be a regional thing, though.

check birthdayexpress.com or partycity.com.

My DS's first bday party was puppies and kitties because he loved ours. I also had some 1 balloons. My cousin did a prince theme, but I am not a fan of it.


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My suggestions:

<!--pushpin-->Keep it small and low key.
<!--pushpin-->Take plenty of pictures.
<!--pushpin-->Visit the websites of Oriental Trading, Shindigz, or Birthday Express for first birthday items and ideas.
<!--pushpin-->Schedule the celebration after nap time.


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I did a ladybug theme for my first DD's first birthday last year, it was cute! This year for the second b-day in a few weeks we are doing black/pink zebra print, polka dot Minnie Mouse, I love planning their parties!