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first date conversations



I've just recently reentered the dating world after ending a long-term relationship. Do you have any tips on how to keep the conversation flowing on those first phone calls and dates?
It's been so long.... I'd like to avoid those long, awkward pauses if I can help it.


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Some great conversation pieces include anything you might just talk to a friend about: movies seen, favorite TV shows, sports teams, favorite restaurant, etc... If there's a long pause in the conversation, you can say something like, "So, what kind of music do you like? or Any favorite sports teams?" You can always just ask about their day at work (guys love that)... that can lead to a long conversation depending on how it went! I find it easiest to talk to them like they're a friend and not "trying to impress them" - if that makes sense. I always froze up when it was the latter. I was more at ease when it was just a friendly conversation. :)


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I found that the guys I dated loved hearing the funny things that my students did. One of the nice things about teaching is that you have such a different experience from most working adults. You can always talk about the utter weirdness of Tom Cruise!


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I used to find, when I was in the dating world, that when I would go on a first date, I would make sure to wear something that they would remember...(not in a bad way, though..lol.;) ) And, I would wear a lipstick that was red of some shade...so they would pay attention to what I was saying rather than any other part of me.

I used to start conversations by talking about what each of our families are like (brothers/sisters...etc.)...then we would talk about what kind of hobbies we each had.



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talk about hobbies and things you do outside of work, if you travel, ask about where they have been. Make sure you give the person equal talking time as yourself.

I always cut people off in conversation. When I meet someone for the first time or first couple of times, I have to try to remember not to do that.