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First day back


Senior Member
Well, I survived my first day back -- spent the day sniffling, but came home no worse for wear. It was just a long day; I didn't end up getting out of school until after 4:30.

My language arts classes continued with NaNoWriMo. <!--break--> The packet I requested finally came, so we hung up the poster that was sent and set up the individual progress chart, and I now have a bunch of "I'm a novelist" buttons to hand out come the end of November. We aren't all quite progressing as fast as I initially hoped for, but I'm still proud of my students progress. One class has over 13,000 words total and the other has over 9,000, and neither of those counts includes one of my students who has been working a lot at home, and came in to tell me that when her dad's computer when on the blink this weekend, she had had over 10,000 words written!! We're just now praying the work isn't lost!

Otherwise, there's probably more I could write about today --- especially about this afternoon's long unit meeting --- but I'm tired and I've still got work to do, and I want to head to bed early, so I'm closing this entry for tonight. More another time.