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First Grade Calendar Time

Classroom Management 


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I've been offered a first grade position. I have taught 3rd for 15 years in private school. Then, for the past two years I've taught virtual charter school.

How do you do calendar time in first grade? Do you have a physical calendar, NOTD, etc., or do you do it all on virtual slides? Pros/cons for both ways, please.

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Hey, welcome to first grade! You'll love it! I moved from 3rd to 1st 25 years ago and still love it.

I do most things on slides BUT I still do calendar with a pocket chart and tools. I do date, number date (eg. 6/23/22), # of days in school (with base ten blocks) and some type of math problem (usually a word problem with attendance (eg. 18 students - 3 absent = 15 present). We also talk about the schedule of the day, etc.

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Calendar time

I varied mine, depending on my allotted math time. For the most part, I:

-review the date using the physical calendar, asked a question or 2 (what will the date be in one week? What month comes next?)

-show number if the school year in coins and with straws in place value box. Trade coins when able (we wiggled our fingers and said, “I feel an exchange coming on!” For multiples of ten we bundled the ten (“There’s too many, they can’t stay! Bundle them up and move them away!”) Then we’d do the bundle dance. Move arms in a “wheels on the bus motion, chanting, “Bundle bundle, bundle! Bundle bundle bundle! Todays a bundle day! hurray!”

- I would always ask if the number of the school year was odd or even, and why. Also, when adding the straw, we’d go over the combinations of each single digit number.

- we’d review our schedule for the day. Then on to the lesson of the day.


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I think it’s important to have a large calendar posted in the classroom even if you do daily group calendar activities digitally. I’ve seen kids have fabulous conversations and show understanding of where we are in time by looking at the wall calendar regularly. I have found these things to be very helpful:
Color code for school days and stay-home days.
Use small post it notes to label birthdays, field trips, and other important events.
Use a third color to show the dates ending the previous month and begin the next month instead of leaving blank spaces on the calendar, showing that each month is immediately followed by the next, with no time (or calendar space) in between.
Have fun in first!


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agreed with goodwork. I subbed for 3 weeks in my friends Kinder class and she has an insert on her wall calendar for P.E. days , library days, picture day, birthdays, celebrations I was amazed how students refer to the calendar for pertinent info.


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This may be outdated, but years ago when I taught Kindergarten/1st grade, I used the Starfall.com calendar. I also had a calendar wall, but this would be a good place to start if you're new to early childhood.


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I do calendar time. I have a physical calendar and a digital one. I use mostly the physical calendar that I got off of tpt. I briefly go over the date, days of the week, months of the year, math problem of the day, how many days we have been in school, the weather, season, rules and schedule.