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First Grade Get-Together!


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1st Grade

I have taught across the grade levels and finally landed in first. I also taught special ed. which opened my eyes to all children.
I love to help the struggling student with a diversified curriculum and then wow the ah ha moment happens when the light bulb goes off.
I love the innocence and trust they have at this age.
I LOVE going to work each day and looking forward to their smiles, hugs, and curiosity.
Teaching 1st grade is the hardest of all as we are responsible for building their foundations.


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This will be my

3rd year teaching first grade. I love this age! They come in so dependent and unsure of themselves and they leave with confidence.


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Third year teacher

This is my third year teaching first grade. My favorite part of first grade is seeing how much their reading grows over the year. I love watching them build confidence.


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I love seeing the growth in kids during the school year. They come in as babies who are dependent on me for everything and leave as confident and independent little ones. I also love seeing them learn to love to read and explore and to develop friendships with others.


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Been teaching first grade for thirty years and still love it! I am thrilled when they discover that they can read! I enjoy when they develop a love of reading. We sing, we dance, we laugh. They keep me young!

word girl

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first grade rules!

Eighteen years in first grade and counting! I love reading about what all of the other teachers love about first grade. One of my favorite parts is teaching them to write. I love that they find their "voice" while they learn to write. And I do believe that they learn to read through their own writing. I love first grade!


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First Grade is #1

I love teaching 1st grade. The kids come in at all different levels and they all leave reading, writing, and knowing their math facts. The kids come to school wanting to learn and loving life. I have taught for 17 years and 11 of them in 1st grade. Here's to a great year!


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What I Love Most

I love the hugs given so freely by first graders and sharing a wonderful story with them. They are so engaged when I share a book or funny story about my own life with them.


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Love First

This is my 22nd year of teaching and my 19th year in first. I love teaching first because they make a tremendous amount of growth throughout the year. I also love their excitement and zest for learning as well as all of the really cute things they say. :)


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Their excitement!

I love how they get so excited about the simplest things. They are the best audience ever! I love seeing the world through their eyes! The wonder of 1st graders, it's the best!


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First Grade Rocks!

I've been teaching first grade for five years now. It was a childhood dream to grow up and be a first grade teacher just like the first grade teacher who inspired me. It took awhile for me to make this dream come true but here I am. My favorite thing to teach is literacy!


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Me too

I also came to teaching first after homeschooling my kids for 18 years. I like seeing the incredible progress firsties make, especially in reading.


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I have been teaching first grade for 27 years... where does the time go? I just love the kids! They are a delight everyday! My favorite thing is teaching them to read and think about books.


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I love teaching First Grade because of all the growth I see in that year. They truly come in as kindergartners and leave as 2nd graders. For the most part, they are very sweet and really want to please.


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Why Teaching First Grade is Special To Me!

Thirty seven years ago, I started teaching in first grade. Since then, I have taught grades 1-5. Three years ago, I returned to first grade. This is probably where I will end my career. One thing for sure, I know how important it is to lay a solid foundation with my first graders so that they can build each year.


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Eight Years in First Grade

This is my eighth year in first grade. I taught one year in third grade before coming to first. I am always in a little bit of culture shock at the beginning of the year when I get my new class. The students come to first grade so little and dependent. It is amazing to watch their growth throughout the school year. They learn so much and become so much more independent throughout the year. They come in as babies and leave as big kids. It's awesome to witness this growth.


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What is special about first-grade?

I love seeing growth from week to week. I use a one-minute timing each Monday and most children have more words per minute every time.


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Special about First Grade

I love to teach students to read. Many come into first grade thinking that they can't. It's not always easy, but I love proving them wrong.


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What's Special about First Grade

I started my teaching career in 1986, but my fabulous journey in first grade didn't begin until 1994. One of the most special things about teaching first grade is the students' desire to learn. It seems as if they can't learn enough; the more you give, the more they grow! I have a shirt that says it all, "I teach first grade...for all the little reasons." (There are little stick people in between the two phrases.) That just sums it up!


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First Grade Fun

I love the energy and curiosity the first graders have. For the most part they love school, want to learn and are always willing to please. This is my 5th year in first and I;m still learning new things.