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First Grade Math Enrichment...HELP


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I am teaching a class of higher level math students. I am not the best at coming up with extension activities. Our next chapter focuses on addition. Can anyone suggest some enrichment activities, web sites, or a good book that I should buy to help me out.

Much Thanks!


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Maths sites

The abc and bbc have great maths sites. The abc is called Count us in. The abc site is the Australian one and BBC is British. Both are very good.


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math fun

I have alot of high kids in my 1st grade class who almost always finish early. The one thing I have noticed is that they love when we do fun stuff to show the answers to the problems. I've used chalkboards, clothespins, jumbo craft sticks, etc. You can give the kids a math problem and they put the number of clothespins on the back of their chair to show the answer. I also took 10 craft sticks for each child and wrote the numbers 0-9 on them. They spread them out on their desk in order and hold up the number with the answer. My whole class also enjoys playing Around the World, a flash card game where two kids stand up and are given a fact. The child that answers first goes to the next student and the winner is the one that makes it around the world (classroom).

Another thing they enjoy is doing activities out of the math center, especially ones that require a dry erase marker. I bought a couple books from a teaching store that are filled with different math facts that they can answer with a dry erase marker. The activities can all be easily taken to their seats to be worked on too. I got some ideas from the Mailbox Learning Center book.


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By the way, I noticed the Bills emblem. I'm originally from Buffalo. I moved to Florida a few months ago because I couldn't get a job in Buffalo. Are you from there?


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I am origianlly from the Buffalo area...I love in Northern VA now because there are no jobs in WNY.


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don't blame you

I hear that! That's why I'm in Florida! Two years of looking and I was done with that, especially since Erie County doesn't know how to run their government anyway! :)


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Hi Buffalo fans! I am also originally from Buffalo and am now in Albany. I was looking for some ideas to enrich my first graders in math when I came across your post. The Bills pic. made me laugh, so I had to respond. I am going to run my math time like a writer's or reader's workshop time. I am going to try and pretest all the students on each chapter and then split them into groups. I'll have a minilesson on a concept and then break the kids up into their "just right" work groups. Kind of like centers. Then I'll be able to meet with each group (low, medium and high) and teach in a small group fashion. If anyone else has any better ideas to differentiate their math instruction, please let me know. Also, if anyone has any activities or "tubs" please forward those as well.


"Math Master" extension

Hi Sundance,

I have quite a few early math finishers in my 1st grade; always seems to be that way. In previous years, I xeroxed the extra worksheets, which gets costly and time consuming for me. This year, I've trying something new, less costly for me, more student interactive.

This class loves the fantasy cartoon characters, like Spiderman and Star Wars. I proposed a "Jedi Math Master" award, but only for those who could follow the very specific Math Master rules:

1. In a large clear plastic jar (left over from some sugar cookies), I wrote about 40 number sentences with no answer. We started with simple addition problems. Students were given a 70 page spiral notebook for their recordings. Our problems are written on white scratch paper (xerox rejects).

2. Each student takes a problem slip and glues it in their notebook. Each problem is illustrated (drawings, stamped images) and the answer is written. Each page of the notebook has 3 problems.

3. Before taking another problem slip, the student must write a replacement problem, with some restrictions. We started out with no numbers larger than 5, then no larger than 10, and now, no larger than 20. We've just started writing subtraction problems. Our focus strategy is posted for the week. (And boy! are they upset if someone puts in a problem with the wrong numbers!)

4. I sign off on each sheet (we call it "check by" = C.B.). For every 10 sheets of correct answers (6 per page), they are given a sticker inside their notebook cover. Jedi Math Master awards will be given out when they get 10 stickers, but I'll have mini-celebrations before that. If my math is right, they'll have completed correctly 600 student-generated problems! Wow!

I have 1 student who moved up to more difficult problems (3 addends), which are written on yellow scratch paper (rejected lined office paper). He is the only one that can take those slips. Two other students make up those problems for him. I thought maybe 5-6 students would be the involved participants, but right now, every 1st grader in my class has a Jedi Math Master notebook! They all want to do this. I love it when they can do math for 30+ minutes and want more!