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first grade observation...real/fantasy

Mrs. M

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Hi, (I also posted this on primary board)
I am being observed tomorrow (first grade) and we are supposed to do a lesson from our new reading program (Houghton Mifflin). I am going to do a whole class lesson on Fantasy/Realism. Here is what I plan to do, but any new suggestions to add would be really appreciated!
-First we are on the rug, we are going to think about our story for the week (If You Give A Pig A Pancake) and discuss the difference betweeen real/fantasy. We will make a list on chart paper of things int he story that could be real or are fantasy. Then the children will be put into groups and given a set of sentence strips. In their group they need to sort the sentence strips into real/fantasy. After they have sorted them (I am stuck on what they can do if one group finishes sorting first) then as a whole class we will come together and go over each sentence, a group will read it aloud and tell the class their decision, then I will tape it on the board under the appropriate category. After, the students will be given construction and fold it in half, they will write a sentence on one half "In real life, a ___ (animal) would eat a _______". On the other half "In a fantasy story, a _____ would eat a ________".
-I am being observed for abuot 50 minutes. Any new ideas are appreciated! Thanks so much!


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At the beginning of your lesson, to review/introduce? fantasy vs. real life, I would gather together about 8 books you've read aloud that they would remember from earlier in the year. Either give everyone a slip of paper that says real and fantasy or have them point to the word or have them sign a "r" or an "f" (however!) Hold up the books and have them give you a signal for which category it falls into.

Dee Dee

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real vs. fantasy

According to Harcourt's Trophies series, the genre fantasy has charactersthat "do impossible things. Look for: *people talking to animals, * animals wearing clothes."
You could have the children chqrt things that Pig does that are showing fantasy. They could chart (use a graphic organizer) things a real pig could do that are not done in the story.
I hope that helps!