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First Grade Report Cards


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I am a new teacher and so are the other two first grade teachers at my school. We have been trying to make a new grade card for first grade (our school requires that we give grades to first graders). We have made a report card, but it is so long and time consuming. I was wondering if anyone had a grade card template they'd be willing to share. I know we would be so grateful. Thanks!


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I used this report card my first year teaching and I too had to give grades. The only thing missing is the schools name, grade, teacher's name and child name on the top of the report card.
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Report Card Template-K-3

Here is a copy of the report card used at my school for grade K-3 (see attached file). I teach at a Christian private School, so ours might be slightly different than the public school districts in the area.

Percentages for objective areas of grading (tests, assessments, assignments)

3= 94% and up

2= 75% -93%

1= 74% and down
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