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first grade schedule


Sara B.

I am moving from second to first and I was wondering if I could keep a similar schedule. Right now my schedule is as follows:
8-8:30 morning meeting, calendar, edit daily news, etc., teacher read-aloud
8:30-9 writing workshop
9-9:30 phonics and spelling
9:30-10:30 reader's workshop (basal, project work, silent reading, guided reading groups, one-one conferencing)
10:30-10:45 recess
10:45 restroom
11-12 lunch/recess
12-12:15 chapter book read aloud
12:15-1:15 Math
1:15-1:45 computer lab
1:45-2:20 gym, music, library, or gym
2:30 dismissal
Does this look ok for first grade too?


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Wow, I love your schedule! I don't see why it wouldn't work in first grade. Just an FYI...writing workshop in first is pretty much teacher directed at the beginning of the year. I don't get to a full fledged "workshop" style until after Christmas.

I would love to have as much time in the morning as you do!! My kids don't come until 9 and we go to lunch at 11:20. Way to short!

I hope you enjoy first grade! I love it! Let us know in the fall how things are going!

K/1 Teacher

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I think that schedule would work fine in 1st. A few things to think about:

transitions will take longer with 1st graders
do more picture book read alouds at the beginning of the year and move into chapter books later in the year
you may want to find some time to do centers/choice time a couple times a week, especially at the beginning of the year. 1st graders are still just like bigger K's!

Otherwise, looks good!


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Depends on the makeup of your class

The only potential problem I see with your class schedule is all the whole group time you have planned for reading and writing. I find at the beginning of the year it is really hard to hold their attention for 30 minutes in a whole group. With my group last year it was easy but they were an exceptional group of kids.

You might want to look into doing centers/guided reading groups. I spend maybe 30 - 40 minutes a week on whole group reading activities. We practice those skills during guided reading time and through centers. I really feel the low kids benefit more from small group instruction than from whole group.

Also be prepared to find a WIDE range of abilities in your students. That's why centers are great. With the right activities, your low and high students can work on the same centers with little or no modifications on your part.

As for writing, I have a little time each day to devote to different aspects of writing. On Friday, we work on a specific type of writing. We start whole group, then they work independently. I call small groups over to assist and also work one - on- one with students during this time.


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I like many others think the schedule be ok

I, though have read chapter books to my first graders from day one for years. I start the year with Ramona. Since Ramona is just starting kindergarten and the children have "been there, done that" they enjoy hearing a story about a child younger than them. My class always did better than the other first grade class in listening skills too.
Good luck with your switch, just remember to model EVERYTHING and you will have fun.


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similar schedule

Hi Linda,
My morning schedule is similar to yours. I wondered if you could give me a breakdown for your day. This is my first year in 1st. I've taught Reading Recovery for the last 6 years. Prior to that my classroom experience was in 5th grade. So I am struggling with how to fit everything in. Can you give me some ideas, please?

Betty B

K now 1st

I am looking to you for guidance for the first grade schedule. I am being changed to 1st after 18 years in K. I think your schedule will help me a lot.


my 1st grade schedule

Here is my 1st grade schedule:
7:40-8:00 Unpack, morning work (writing or math journal activity)
8:10-8:25 Whole group reading from basal series
8:30-8:50 word sort (Mon) Make-a-Word (T,W, TH)
8:50-9:00 bathroom break
9:00-10:30 Guided Reading/Literacy and Math Centers
10:30-11:10 bathroom/Lunch
11:15-11:55 Specials (Art, Music, Spanish or P.E.)
11:55-12:35 Writer's Workshop
12:35-1:15 Snack outside/Recess/bathroom
1:15-2:00 Math Groups (my assistant and I each have a group and switch after about 20 mins. I introduce a new skill while she reviews different skill)
2:00-2:30 Science or Social Studies
2:30 pack up
2:30-2:50 Self-selected reading
2:40 car rider dismissal
2:55 bus rider dismissal



I left out something. I do Morning Meeting (read aloud story, calendar math, daily news) from 9:00-9:30 and then begin Guided Reading/Centers at 9:30.

Teri T

What about Science, and Social Studies?

we are being pushed to include both Science and "Social Studies daily. HAs anyone dealt with this? It seems overwhelming!