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First In Classroom Experience




I will be starting my first pre practicum (first time in the classroom) experience this week. Can you give me any advice on how to introduce my self--what do I say?!, what to watch for, and how to handle the kids?

How do I present my self in a way that the students respect me and don't act out and talk back and how do I keep them under control? How do I conduct a lesson plan?

Please any advice would really help.


Mr. C

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First Impressions

First Impressions are very important. Although we might not admit it, people really tend to make judgments about people before they even meet each other. So, therefore, it is important for you to act like an adult, and more importantly, a teacher. You should dress appropriately - i.e., no mid-drifts, no Hawaiian shirts, no 'bling-bling', etc. You should also act mature.

When you are introducing yourself, I would say your name (Mr. ___ or Ms. ____ ---- not your first name). Think of you favorite (something-food, subject, color, etc.) and something special/unique about you (i.e., you can play the piano, you own a sports car, you have 8 siblings, etc.). Then, have each of the students do this as well.

As far as discipline control goes, the classroom teacher really should already have implemented a policy that still goes while you are in the room. But, if you need a quick way to have them be quiet and stop what they're doing, then clap some sequence (ta ta ti-ti ta) and have them repeat. Tell them that by the third time, they should all be in their seats quiet, facing the teacher (you!).

To conduct a lesson plan, it is important to FOLLOW IT! You should have the basics of the plan already filled out by the time you are even in the room --- materials needed, introduction, procedure, etc. Have the materials ready before the lesson. Your anticipatory set (introduction) should make students WANT to learn the lesson. So, make it interesting. Follow your procedure and pace yourself and your class. I can't really offer any other advice because I don't know what kind of lesson you will be teaching.

Hope this helps somewhat!

Mr. C


what I did...

I just started my second placement as a student teacher in a 6th grade class. As an introduction, I decided to pack my backpack with artifacts that would let the students know a little about me as a person.

My backpack represented the fact that I, like them, am a student (as well as a teacher). I told them that my 2 dogs are my "babies" and had a photograph and a pug figurine to represent them. I love reading, so I put in my latest Harry Potter book (which made a great connection as they, too, love Harry!). I like to garden and work in my yard, so I put in a pair of gardening gloves. I like movies and music, so I put in DVDs of Apollo 13, Spiderman 2, and Titanic, and CDs of TLC, Yes, and Bach (for 90's funk, classic rock, and classical). I put in my figure skates because I love watching that, plus with the Olympics having just passed, they could relate (and I used to take lessons). Finally, I put in a Hershey bar to represent my favorite food (chocolate!), and an apple to represent my love of teaching.

They loved it! And I was able to start conversations with several students, plus I think it lets them know there is more to us than just "being the teacher."