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First Job Fair


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I need help! I am getting ready to attend my first job fair. I am a 20+ year experienced teacher. What will I need to bring with me? I don't have much to put in a portifolio (it wasn't the rage when I got my first teaching job). Also, how long to I get to meet with each principal and what will he/she ask me? I would appreciate any ideas!


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job fair

My experience at job fairs was that you really didn't need anything except for your resume and a notebook-- maybe bring your letters of rec. just in case people are more serious.

If you do make a portfolio, I would put in any student samples you might still have as well as lesson plans. The thing is, just putting this stuff in won't always get you noticed. After putting that in, I would also put an insert ON TOP OF THEM-- like a really bright post it note or little typed card, that BRIEFLY points out the theory behind it, or the manifestation of your teaching philosophy in that lesson or activity. I've found that most people don't want to really see a portfolio. The ones who took mine, seemed to be taking it in order to recognize the work I put into it. They didn't want to sit there and read all the many paragraphs of writing that undergrad classes would have had me do. Keep everything brief with lots of verbs (kind of like your resume!)

Good luck!! :)