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First Technology Lesson

Laura C

New Member
Next week, I'm teaching my first technology lesson where I will be using a computer in the classroom. I have designed an interactive PowerPoint as an extension to the lesson on line plots. I know that I should have a back-up in case the computers are not working, but are there any other suggestions that might make the lesson go smoother? The principal's coming in to observe so I'm hoping you can give me feedback on classroom managment skills while using technology. Thanks!


Senior Member
back up for a technology lesson

What if you print out all of your PowerPoint slides, and then copy them onto transparencies? Then you would still have access to your computer work.

This is a really obscure idea, but maybe you can make something to look like a "mock" computer. Maybe a large keyboard and mouse drawn on butcher paper or chart paper. You could press the fake buttons. To display what would really happen, you could use a transparency to project the image above the fake keyboard.

Well, that's my brainstorming idea. If you don't use it, maybe it will help lead you to your own ideas! :)