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First Time Spending Holidays without Parents


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This is my first holiday season without either of my parents. My mother died on April 16th this year of Alzheimers and my dad died April 14th, 1991. I'm trying to keep busy and yesterday I ran a 5K and then finished cooking dinner for one! I fixed all of my mother's favorite holiday dishes and I felt her near me all day long. Many friends thought I should be with others but I want to deal with my grief my way.

Hope everyone had a blessed holiday.<!--thanksgiving1-->


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I am sorry for your loss! :( It must have been very hard for you! I agree that everyone grieves in their own way! Hang in there and God bless!!!


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my prayers are with you

This was my second without my parents. As it turned out, I had a case of flu yesterday and didn't go to sister-in-laws. I spent the day alone on the couch, remembering and reflecting. It was nice being alone, but I was glad when DH and kids came home.
Take comfort in the feelings of your mother being near you. It give me comfort when I feel her and my father near.


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So sorry for your loses. I lost my dad last year to cancer. It has been a brutal time. You should definitely greive your own way. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Happy holidays, stay positive. :s)


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I've been there

My mom died in Nov of 2005 and I have felt that way every Thanksgiving. Last year I went to my brother's in laws and I felt horrible. I actually cried because the gravy came out of a jar instead of being homemade like my mom used to make. This year I opted out of Thanksgiving. I went to my brother's house and we made some appetizers and talked and watched TV for a couple of hours and then I went home. I didn't want to try and make conversation with people I barely know.