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First week ideas

Reading | Literature 


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I think we should post them here. :)

I found this today in my search. A Bio Poem. I am going to have them start by doing one themselves, then one on a hisorical figure.
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Thank you!!

I totally forgot I had that Bio Poem packet. I'm definitely going to use it this year. I'll make it the first writing activity that they put in their RWB- Reading and writing binder.:p


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Still Love Friendship Fruit Salad

This lesson is such a good community builder and also reinforces the importance of good behavior. Plus it is fun and yummy!
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Another First Day or Week Activity

Read the short picture book titled Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor.


Ask students to listen carefully as they will be using what they learn from the book.

After the read aloud take students out for a walk in the school yard where they can find a rock that fits the rules. Going outside the first day is helpful as they are not used to sitting for long periods of time after having the summer off.

Then return to the classroom with your rocks. Have students share with their classmates why they selected their rock. Maybe it fits their hand well. Maybe they love its texture. Or perhaps the color is what made them pick it up. Then discuss the differences in all the rocks. Make a connection that just like all the rocks, the students in class are different.

Tell them you are now going to write each child's initials on their rock with a permanent marker. Each rock in the display will represent or symbolize their owner. Then you will help each child arrange them in a clear bowl.

Plastic is better and you need a bowl that has a fairly large diameter but one that is not real deep. This way everyone's rock will show in the arrangement even though they overlap some.

Discuss how the rocks look good together. It would be a boring arrangement if all the rocks had the same shape, size, color and or texture. Ask if this would be true of students in a class as well. What if they were all the same size? Same shape? Same color? Discuss embracing one another's differences.

At the end of the year reread the story. Then give everyone their rock back.

If a child moves during the year they get their rock back at that time.

Leave the bowl of rocks on display in your classroom at all times as a reminder that it is good to be different!


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Love, love, love!

What great ideas!! Especially love the friendship salad. Will definitely use with my Kindergarteners! Thank you for sharing!


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Friendship Salad

I have been doing the Friendship Salad for 3 years now for my first graders and they LOVE it!!! The look on their faces is priceless when I get out that yucky, brown rotten banana! I constantly refer back to it during the year. "Remember not be a rotten banana in our classroom of happiness!" I highly recommend it! :)