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fix-up strategies spelling, punctuation



Tomorrow during our writing block I'd like to organize small groups to discuss fix-up strategies for capitalization, punctuation, etc.

I have a few Resource kids who are very aware of the fact that they misspell, and their spelling is better than many of the regular ed kids. I plan to have a few resource kids relate their strategies. I'm so worn down by marking down the same kids over and over for misspellings and no punctuation. Do other teachers get this problem fixed over time, or does it persist with us all? I'd love to hear strategies that work for these kids who perpetually misspell and forget punctuation. Thanks.


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Yes, the problem persists. Recently I was sent a website that I have been using. We've used it 2 days and the kids seem to like it. You might check it out. It can be done by oneself or with a buddy.


Once there, go to Kids' Place, towards the top of the page, then Games, then Power Proofreading.
Good luck. And, post something or some trick once you find success in proofreading. We're all looking for the same "tricks to the trade". :-)