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Flat Stanley Project


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Hi all,

I am starting a Geography unit with my class and we will be reading Flat Stanley this week and next week sending out our Flat Stanley pictures and letters all over the world. I signed up on the Flat Stanley website but I'm not sure if I would just rather get addresses on this teacher board that I use so much. I was wondering if anyone has done this project. What was the best way to do it? Would anyone be interested in doing this project with my class...even if you aren't doing Geography. Possibly just fill in our journal and send it on it's way.

Thanks a bunch!


My cousin did the flat stanley project. They had to send it to the farthest family or friend away from them. I recieved it, and it worked very well

I do this every year. I have the students bring in an address of a friend or family member. We send them out usually about 3 weeks before spring break. People have been wonderfully cooperative. You are more than welcome to send yours to our class with your journal. We would be happy to do it for you.

Rachel g

flat stanley

i just finished up flat stanley with my third graders. i had them bring an address of a friend or family member that lived in another state. if they did not have one....i had back-ups of friends of my own. we have gotten about 6 back and they are wonderful! we even got back the tail of a rattlesnake from texas!! it has been great reading and geography project!


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We will be glad to e mail you a copy of our Flat Stanley and Kansas facts and a picture of a combine harvesting wheat.


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I do Flat Stanley every year. The kids love it! We would be glad to exchange letters with your class. They usually bring in an address of someone who lives in another state. We even received a package from Japan 2 years ago!