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Flat Stanley



I'm just about to start a novel study on Flat Stanley and I'm looking for some lesson ideas to go with this book. I'm planning to do send Flat Stanleys out with a letter to a friend or family member - any other ideas?


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I also use the Flat Stanley book in my class. I have each child send a Flat Stanley letter to a relative (with parent permission), I request that they send it to another relative, then to another relative. I keep having the letter sent on and on. I request that each family that reads the Flat Stanley to send a postcard back to our class. I put up a USA map and then as the postcards come in we locate where that postcard came from and mark the sight with a push pin that has a small Flat Stanley taped on to it. This is great to help the second graders become familiar with our country. Hope this help, it is a great project.


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There is a web site just for Flat Stanley. You could look on there for some ideas. We are sending Flat Stanley to different places and making a journal for the people to fill in.


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Flat "Stephanie"

Hi! I do the same thing with my Flat Stanleys with sending them to relatives or friends in other states. We ask them to take Stanley on an adventure and to send us pictures. Last year, one of my student's sent him to Hawaii. We received two pineapples, souvenier key chains, and a tons of other stuff. People really love this.

One of the other things I do is a writing activity. We make ourselves into a Flat__________ by decorating a person cut-out. My cutout is about 18". Then we write what we would do if we were as flat as Stanley. The kids love this writing assignment. I've gotten some really creative stories.