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Does anyone know of a book or social skills curriculum that addresses "farting"? I have a number of students that either don't know/care that it is impolite to just pass gas at any time or that do it because they think it is very funny and gets other kids to laugh.
I teach mild to moderate mentally handicapped in a middle school. This has really gotten out of control in my classes and it doesn't seem to matter how I address it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Sue W.

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Our elementary school library has a book titled "Walter, the Farting Dog" by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray. I don't know if it would be of any help, but you might check on it at a library or bookstore.

I would guess that there are quite a few so-called "normal" kids that age that think farts and burps are hilarious too.

Good luck!


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Don't know of any books that address this appropriately, although I did see a book about a Farting Dog one time.

One book I LOVE is "Excuse, Me!" by Lisa Kopelke. It's about a burping frog and how he comes to realize that good manners matter. I got it from Amazon so they'll have a blurb. I did a ton of lesson plans on adjectives (including making menues), manners, plot, etc. Depending on your kids, I would think it would be very appropriate. May even change the farting to burping which is at least a bit more socially accepted.

Other than that, the usual behavior management techniques may work, but probably won't since their reward is peer attention.

Hope this helps-let me know!


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We call it ..... Squishing Frogs....in my class. I teach a life skills class for MR students from 4th to 10th grade. There are some clear accidents, but most are done intentionally. I tell them that it is natural to Squish Frogs, but you must have respect for the others around your area. I have also told them that if they need to do it please excuse themselves and go stand in the hallway. If they choose to Squish Frogs, intentionally and disrupt class then they have to write sentences during recess. I have noticed that my usual clowns are leaving the room and it is becoming less of an issue.


i guess I am not as nice

My kids are in a seperate facility for behavior, so I am not as kind. We have consequences for fartin. Once is an accident. The next is a mandatory trip to the bathroom. This has always cured it although I would consider writing sheets and isolation during play time if it continued.


try social stories...

...for those who are more cognitively delayed, especially if they're on the autism spectrum. google "carol gray" and "social stories" for info on how to. this is assuming the child honestly doesn't get that it's impolite.

for others, it's just an attention-seeking/off-task behavior and can be treated as such. i wouldn't dignify that with a book read or a long discussion which they could treat as another opportunity to crack up--i'd talk one on one with the offenders and let them know about the standard consequences for disturbing the learning environment.