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Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level question

Mr. C

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Hello, teachers. I am going to be student teaching in the Spring, but I have a question about the Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level.

Say a student in 5th grade is tested in October and scores a 5.7.

I know 5.0 means he's on grade-level, but does the .7 make a difference? Would he still be considered on grade level, or is he now above grade level? (And in all decimals on the F-K grade level, do you round the decimal? i.e., 5.3-->5 = 5th grade level, 5.7-->6 = 6th grade level).

I hope that makes sense. Thank you!!!


Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level

This is from my understanding.

Using your example of a 5th grade scoring a 5.7 actually means that this student has scored how a 5th grader in his 7th month would score (assuming this is a 5th grade test). So he or she is not above grade level but has scored well. If this 5th grade student were to take the 5th grade test and score a 3.5, this would just mean that this student scored the same way a 3rd grader in his/her 5th month would score if the 3rd grader took this same test.

It's a little confusing and I hope I didn't confuse you even more trying to explain it. If I did, I appologize.