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Florida Virtual School


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Anyone out there work for FLVS? I have been inquiring into it and was wondering what it was like......

Brooke S.

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I don't but...

my sister went there last year. It had pretty neat set up. All the course work is online. All the curriculum is planned and assigned. The teacher just grades it and gives feedback. A teacher in my district works part time and teaches one class for them. He makes $600 per month. He said the starting salary for new teachers is 30,000. You have to go to Orlando, FL for the interview. This is all stuff I have just heard from him, so I don't know if I have anything mixed up or not. When you get more info. I would love to hear it. I have thought about it myself. Where do you live?


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I am in the orlando area. I have a student whose sister is in it now and the mom keeps telling me about it. I thought it'd be a great way to stay at home with kids!