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Flower Delivery


Senior Member
A friend of mine’s dad passed away (she’s also a teacher), and I want to send her flowers since I didn’t go to the memorial due to my wisdom teeth recovery.

I’ve used From You Flowers but both times I did it with a few other people so price was less.

I’m looking to spend at the most $25. Is there any place you recommend?

I’ve looked everywhere. Thanks!


Senior Member
Your best bet is probably calling-a local place and seeing if they can do something in your price range. If they can’t, try Etsy for something else like a small remembrance. A card with a good gift card would probably be appreciated. I know I would have plenty of times I didn’t feel like cooking.


Senior Member
Agree with Khalua--

Any time I've had to send flowers, I look for a florist nearby where they're going to be sent. Every time I've gotten a confirmation call saying that they've been delivered, what time, and who they were given to.

I also think a gift card for a meal or ordering dinner for the family is a good idea if you think that is appropriate for your friend. I remember when my dad died that it was a chore to do much of anything because of the grief and a meal provided would have been a blessing, even more than flowers. JMO.

**I'm sorry you weren't able to attend the memorial and service...**